beatport (beatport) wrote,

Beatport FTP (affiliate quota)

Beatton label - the largest source of exclusive music. Many of the music tracks are of limited distribution. You can not buy them on Beatport and Juno.


The quality selection of music releases - very high. We sell only the tracks that are most important club in the world at this moment in time. We do not just follow the newfangled trends, but ahead of them, ask the direction of future development round of the club scene.

- HOUSE (original, electro, progressive, deep, tech) 320 kbps or wav!
- TRANCE (original, progressive, psy) 320 kbps or wav!
- TECHNO (minimal, progressive, original) 320 kbps or wav!

Tags: beatton label, exclusive house, ftp доступ к битпорт, доступ по ftp с прослушиванием

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